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Engage Player Software is a Video  Engagement tool  professional and most powerful  is designed to increase engagement, conversion. This software is loaded with advanced features. It has the outstanding features of a modern video created by Sam Bakker, Keith Gosnell, Ruggero Sandri-Boriani.


I do not recommend you to visit the official website without reading my review, because this is one of the comprehensive review and objectively as possible of the leading expert marketing about Engage Player product.

1. Engage Player Review- Overview?

2. Engage Player - About The Author?

As you know, product named Engage Player - It was created by one of the greatest super Marketer. Let me introduce about them.


Sam Bakker was born in 1988 in Christchurch of New Zealand. Sam showed a entrepreneurial streak from a young age and by age 13 had started his first business and his colleagues are Keith Gosnell and Ruggero Sandri-Boriani.
They have been researched on that product for almost 3 years for making it bigger and better along the way. Most of their products were sold crazily, such as: Social Connect, Member Factory, Run A Webinar, HypeTutor... You can go Google and check them, I didn't lie you. And I think Engage Player is not an exception.

3. What is Engage Player Software?

Engage Player - Engage Builder is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions and Optins. This powerful software is loaded with features.

Engage Player Review is works great for blogs, web pages, membership sites and squeeze pages and offers a Engage Player Basic, Premium and Enterprise Plan.

>>> Let's see Sam Bakker say about Engage Player Video Demo <<<

>>> Watch The Engage Player Video Below <<<

4. Engage Player Review - Main Features?

With features that allow it to be a great tool and powerful:


Use Any Video: You can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or your own MP4 files. It does not restrict the using available video files of Engage Player.

Unlimited Players: Create an unlimited number of engagement players.


Content Display On Page: You can easily watch video content at any time you want. This function helps to build a site based on a timestamp of the video.

Intelligent Playback: When you left off in the video, Engage Player software will give you the option to resume from there or start the video over.

Drag And Drop Builder: With Engage Player’s Drag and Drop function, you can be easy to work. All you need to do is drag what you want and drop on where you need. Quite Simple!

Intelligent Reveal: With Engage Player will help you display video content viewed when you visit the page again.

Intelligent Pause: Another smart feature lets you suspend Engage Player video automatically when you open a new tab or scrolls into the video offscreen.

Robust Styling: Feature help of customization and styling options with easy to use color pickers and sliders.

Intro And Outro Videos: You can be able add intro as well as outro videos to an video, Engage Player do it is quite easy and quick.

Content Locking: Lock displayed content to force the user to engage with your videos. You can also Unlock content at any point of the video.

Robust Video Settings: Settings include loop video, hide controls and auto play.

Video Overlay: This feature that you can add images, text, button, optin forms over your videos to make it easy access to more users.

Content Animation: Choose content animations  to using always attract viewers an easy way to make your videos an enjoyable and exciting.

Reporting: Feature Report on engagement time for each player compare time engagement across multiple videos and date ranges.


Email Integrations: Integrates with 10 Email Autoresponder services or use rawHTML code.

Engage Player Software has 2 versions is: Premium Plan and Enterprise Plan.



With version Premium Plan has added new features such as:

Video Search: Video Search feature lets you search for videos on YouTube and Vimeo in app.

Save Searches: Save the videos that you've searched for in (in app) then uses.

Push To Facebook Tab: Engage Player will allow you push your engagement to new or existing Facebook tab.



With version Enterprise Plan has added new features such as:

White Label Solution: Versions Enterprise Plan feature have white label the app with numerous custom settings to users.

Integrations: With Engage Player users can integrate with Jvzoo and Paypal.

User Management: You ability to add or edit users. Enable or Disable user access and set the Plan level.

5. Why Should You Buy It Now?

Engage Player Review will to give you all the detailed information about the product and reasons why you should buy it? Let me answer question this:
  • You can to control how the viewers of your videos, as well as engage them in various things as they view the video.
  • You can to use any video on this software, so you do not need to look for a specific video website.
  • Ability to resume over a video even if your computer turns off abruptly.
  • Ability to choose from over 12 different content animations: You can easily to choose from a variety of content animations to use for your videos that the viewers can see.
  • Ability to enable viewers or users to view the videos that you want to convey: Using this software, you can to engage your viewers in videos such that they are able to watch your videos fully and get the message. It is also easy to interact with your viewers.


6. Engage Player - Engage Builder - Conclusion?

With experience using the products of Sam Bakker, I guarantee that you will be satisfied for all results made from Engage Player. This is a rare opportunity for you get through this review but you can gain the expertise with a small decision with Engage Builder That is when you  are actually building own your business… It was really great!

“A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!


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Thank you for reading Engage Player Review.
Best wishes to you, Cheers!

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